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Update Summer 2022 > A Time of Transition: Dan Martin Retires as President of the NYC Housing Partnership

A Time of Transition:
Dan Martin Retires as President of the NYC Housing Partnership

Dan Martin served 18 years as Housing Partnership President and CEO

Dan Martin and James Hedden seated at the Housing Partnership offices
From left: Dan Martin, retired President and CEO and James Hedden, Board Chair

This is a time of significant change at the NYC Housing Partnership. Dan Martin is retiring after serving as President and CEO of the Housing Partnership for 18 years.

Jamie A. Smarr is joining the Housing Partnership as its new President and CEO. We welcome Jamie whose accomplishments and talents are detailed in an accompanying article in this newsletter.

Dan joined the Housing Partnership in 2004 after a distinguished career in banking. His tenure started after the HP had reduced the size of both its staff and the Board of Directors, with the intent to shut it down. But after surveying our stakeholders, the decision was made by the board to “restart” the HP and retain a new President/CEO to lead that strategy.

From his first days reestablishing the HP, Dan has been a valuable asset to our organization. He reinvigorated the HP, creating a culture of partnership and collaboration, strategically positioning the organization to provide strong pathways to affordable housing opportunities for the people and communities we serve throughout New York City. His dedication is a reminder that with vision and purpose, we can boldly lead the creation of healthy places to live–quality affordable homes that restore economic and social vibrancy to neighborhoods. HP has benefitted greatly from Dan’s highly respected leadership that strategically positioned us to continue to be regarded as a trusted partner by government agencies, affordable housing NGOs, financial institutions and commercial real estate developers.

During Dan’s tenure, the HP has experienced unparalleled growth, moving from a strictly affordable homeownership shop where we assisted in the development of over 21,000 units of housing, to an array of new, successful business lines. Under his leadership we work with the development community on the formation of Housing Development Fund Corporations that assist in lowering the cost of affordable co-op construction or rehab. Additionally, the HP established a business unit to serve as Administering Agent for NYC Housing Preservation and Development, assisting owners and developers in the marketing and lotteries of affordable units coming on-stream. Recognizing the need to assist small multifamily owners obtain financing, the HP entered into a joint venture with the Rent Stabilization Association to open a mortgage brokerage company. Understanding that many multifamily building owners and government partners are struggling to comply with new climate change regulations, HP last year established a for-profit subsidiary, HP Sustainability Solutions, to create and implement strategies and initiatives for clean energy adoption and building performance while reducing carbon emissions. The HP is now partnering in New Jersey and the lower Hudson Valley on affordable residential development and preservation and looks forward to expanding in that role.

Through Dan’s vision the HP has grown and thrived as we assist in comprehensive productive collaborations focused on fair and equitable affordable housing development that stabilizes City neighborhoods.

The HP is now on solid ground with an impressive balance sheet and 18 years of positive growth. We’ve also expanded from a small staff of 7 to our current talented team of over 27 employees.

Dan achieved this during nearly two decades of continuous social, economic and political change that brought opportunities and challenges impacting on affordable housing. Yet with a steady hand on the helm Dan consistently held a course to successfully achieve the mission of the Housing Partnership as New York City’s primary intermediary for the development of affordable housing.

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