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Community Solar with Fifth Avenue Committee

Rooftop solar panels

HP Sustainability Solutions partnered with the Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) to build off of the success of FAC’s Barrio Solar Program, in which FAC provides grants to low-income single-family homeowners in New York City to close the financing gap and expand solar access into low- income communities. Since the initial Barrio Solar Program was designed prior to the new incentives for low-income solar released by the Federal Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the effort focused on updating the program to reflect these stronger incentives and driving more benefits to homeowners. Specifically, HP Sustainability Solutions supported FAC in several key areas:

  • Interviewing current program participants to learn the pros and cons of the process and inform updates
  • Developing new financing structures to help low-income people harness tax credits
  • Creating a strategy to help low-income residents better maintain their solar systems and ensure performance
  • Identifying new financing partners to scale the work
  • Writing a business plan for funding and scaling Barrio Solar

For more information about HP Sustainability Solutions, visit housingpartnership.com/what-we-do/#sustainability-solutions.

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