The Housing Partnership’s goal is to assist in the development, promotion, and revitalization of affordable homeownership and rental housing through an assortment of specialized programs and services that benefit the residents of New York City.

The Housing Partnership serves as New York City’s primary intermediary for the development of affordable workforce housing. We assist in the development, promotion, and revitalization of affordable homeownership and rental housing through an array of specialized programs and services. For over 30 years, the Housing Partnership has been the facilitator of dynamic partnerships between the City, State, and private sectors to build affordable homes which stimulate economic growth and revitalize neighborhoods throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

Often referred to as the “one stop shop” for affordable housing, we work closely with our partners every step of the way to ensure that quality housing is built, financing is secured, and whether it is renters or low- to moderate-income homeowners, that the residents are satisfied and able to thrive in their communities. Our goal is to produce 5,000 units of housing each year through a variety of new construction and other housing programs.

In our more than 30-year history, the Housing Partnership has participated in the development of more than 50,000 affordable home ownership and rental units throughout the five boroughs and leveraged more than $6 billion in private sector financing. We have an additional 10,000 units in rehabilitation, in predevelopment or under construction. The Housing Partnership is currently partnered on projects in all five boroughs. Most of the households served by the Housing Partnership earn between 60% and 130% of area median income (AMI). The Housing Partnership also participates in rental housing programs serving households with incomes as low as 30% of AMI.

Through our partners, the Housing Partnership homes bring substantial private investment and economic development into New York City neighborhoods where the need for affordable homeownership housing is great, where housing costs are soaring while incomes remain stagnant, and where thousands of working New Yorkers are shut out of the traditional housing market. The communities where we build become more desirable locations for national retailers and local entrepreneurs whose presence boosts local employment opportunities, attracts quality goods and services, and spurs additional private housing and business development.

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