Project Highlight: Orange County Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP1)

The Housing Partnership, through its affiliates, is completing the last phase of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP 1) which began in 2010. As an NSP1 sub grantee, Housing Partnership has assisted in the acquisition of 31 foreclosed and abandoned homes, their rehabilitation and their affordable resale to families – 23 in Orange County and 8 in Westchester County.

Our partners include NYS Homes and Community Renewal, Westchester County Department of Planning, County of Orange’s Office of Community Development, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh, Regional Economic Community Action Program (RECAP), Newburgh Spectrum, Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corporation (ORDAC) and Housing Action Council.

The utilization of the NSP 1 grant subsidizes the cost of development, and has made it possible for moderate-income families to become homeowners, empowering them financially. Additionally, the program helps to improve the overall appearance and sustain property values within neighborhoods that would otherwise be at risk of blight from vacant abandoned properties.

The NSP 1 program persevered despite its challenges including falling home values prompting the use of a greater amount of NSP1 subsidy in each home, and a tight credit market which often made it more difficult for potential homebuyers to secure a mortgage.

Still, obstacles were successfully overcome. “The end results speak for themselves, homes that were run down, including some that were vandalized are now fixed up and housing families,” says Penny Thelman, Director of Housing Development & Grants Management at RECAP, “The impact on the surrounding neighborhood has been beneficial by helping to restore new life to the community.”

Another Orange County community partner, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh, leveraged NSP 1 funds to expand its home rehabilitation and construction capacity. For example, a portion of NSP1 funds were used on two homes in the first phase of their East Parmenter Street Neighborhood Development, which is a planned, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood replacing blighted and abandoned structures boarded up for over 20 years.

Cathy Collins, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity says, “The NSP funds were a perfect match for our mission to restore a sense of community with the common goal of strong neighborhoods and dignity through homeownership.”


46 E. Parmenter

Raymonde Exantus has lived and worked in Newburgh since 2003 and is a naturalized citizen from Haiti. Her youngest three sons remained in Port-au-Prince with their adult brother, and were displaced by the January 2010 earthquake, losing everything. Exantus was able to bring her younger sons to Newburgh — ages 14, 17 and 19. The three boys now attend school in Newburgh and live in the newly built house with their mother.

“When I heard about Habitat [Newburgh] and what they offered, I knew it was perfect for my mom,” said Maria Janvier, Exantus’ only daughter, who is a nursing student at Sullivan County Community College. “Now I don’t have to worry about my mother and my brothers having a safe home.”



44 E. Parmenter

Single mother of three girls, two of whom are currently attending college, Marlene Urquia always expressed her desire for setting good examples for her girls and she feels that becoming a homeowner is an important step.  She wants them to know through hard work, they can accomplish their dreams.




68 Benkard

Mary Melody Burnett single mother of four children feels that having the opportunity to have her own home is a lifelong dream that actually came true. She is happy about being able to provide a safe, decent home for her children.


BEFORE- 68 Benkard

BEFORE- 68 Benkard

BEFORE- 68 Benkard

BEFORE- 68 Benkard

72 Benkard

Ignacio and Ida are immigrants who never thought they would have the opportunity to own their own home. They are happy that their children can finally have a home to call their own. Their oldest son is currently enrolled in college.

29 Liberty

Due to the housing conditions that the Jones family lived in, their youngest twin daughter had to repeat second grade, not because of her capacity to learn, but due to her missing so many day of school because of health issues caused by the environment she was living in. Now that they own a Habitat home, their children have fewer health issues, and they also have a place to study and let their imaginations for their future run wild.


BEFORE - 29 Liberty

BEFORE – 29 Liberty

AFTER - 29 Liberty

AFTER – 29 Liberty


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