Financial & Legal Assistance

The Housing Partnership (HP), and its affiliates, Community Partnership Development Corporation (CPDC), and the NYC Partnership Housing Development Fund Corporation (Partnership HDFC), acting as a conduit for numerous affordable housing initiatives, provide programs and services, including, but not limited to:

Holding Title

HP holds title to land through its affiliate Partnership HDFC during the construction process on behalf of our developer partners. Our role enables our partners to take advantage of various tax exemptions, which helps to maintain the affordability of each project.

Securing Subsidies

HP secures grant subsidies from the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation, as well as additional State and City capital to be used for affordable homeownership developments. Subsidies assist developers to create affordable developments.


Assist rental developers with their federal, states and local government affordable housing certification.

Financing Assistance

Provide funds for partners to assist in the gap financing for affordable housing projects.

Developer Loan Fund

HP assists small and emerging locally based developers, as well as community based nonprofits, with pre-development, short-term bridge and property acquisition loans to help them develop affordable housing.

Grant Acquisition

HP conducts a professionally managed financial grant acquisition program which serves as a significant source of funding for both organizational programs and affordable housing development initiatives.

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